Sarah, wut?

I'm me.

“Cause honestly… its not about the thick ones or the pretty faces. Those fat asses that’ll make most men crumble. There are an estimated 3,523,843,881 women in the world. But im sorry to say that i really couldnt give less of a fuck. Guys you wanna be disrespectful to them fine, i hope they smack the shit outta you but fine go do what you do. but out of all the 3,523,843,881 women on this planet there is 1 that im telling you dont mess with. dont flirt dont fantasize dont try shit. because its MINE. her body MINE. her mind MINE. everything about her is mine. and thats just what it is. so guys you still got 3,523,843,880 girls left. go get em. just leave whats mine alone.”

– her protective ass boyfriend (via mayonakanogeshi)